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Should Pixar Land come to Disneyland Paris?

With the opening of Pixar Pier and the recent success of Incredibles 2, it is clear that people of all ages love Pixar. They are the masters of making a film that is enjoyable for kids but offers emotion and depth to adults. The flashback scene of Jessie being forgotten by her owner in Toy Story 2 always draws a tear for me.

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Bistro Chez Remy Review

IMG_0481DLP Genie Rating: 4/5

Anyone who has been a long standing visitor to Disneyland Paris Resort understands how amazing theming is around the Disneyland Park. From Main street USA to the pirate themed Adventureland the Disneyland Park is immersive and quite frankly….amazing. The Walt Disney Studios park on the other hand was a little plain and well….boring in comparison. This started to change with the construction of The Twilight Tower of Terror, the Toy Story themed zone and ultimately the newest addition…Place de la Remy. This newest part of the park is undoubtably one of the nicest and best themed parts of the park. It only contains one ride, one shop and one restaurant; Bistro Chez Remy Continue reading Bistro Chez Remy Review

Season of the Force review at Disneyland Paris

For Star Wars fans the world over Disneyland Paris has a special treat for you…. Season of the Force! This Star Wars themed event runs from January to March 2017.

The promo ads run on British TV have given the impression that by visiting Disney Studios Park at the Disneyland Paris Resort you will be transported to a galaxy far far away. Media shows the #FaceTheForce as a way to share your experiences with the rest of the galaxy. Continue reading Season of the Force review at Disneyland Paris

Santa Fe breakfast review

Disney is just over a month away from starting its 25th Birthday celebrations. Like everyone who hits their mid twenties, they begin to reflect and think what they are going to do better this year. While the new Maleficant parade dragon is stealing the headlines the new hotel arrangements have gone under the radar. The end of complimentary breakfast. Continue reading Santa Fe breakfast review

Extra Sleep or Extra Magic Hours?

You wake up after your first sleep in at your Disney hotel and you are faced with your first dilema of the trip, Extra Magic Hours or sleep in?

To encourage people to stay on site, Disney open one of their parks 2 hours earlier and restrict access to a limited number of people. As a hotel guest you can feel like a VIP and enter the park while others look on envious.  Continue reading Extra Sleep or Extra Magic Hours?