Santa Fe breakfast review

Disney is just over a month away from starting its 25th Birthday celebrations. Like everyone who hits their mid twenties, they begin to reflect and think what they are going to do better this year. While the new Maleficant parade dragon is stealing the headlines the new hotel arrangements have gone under the radar. The end of complimentary breakfast. Continue reading Santa Fe breakfast review

Extra Sleep or Extra Magic Hours?

You wake up after your first sleep in at your Disney hotel and you are faced with your first dilema of the trip, Extra Magic Hours or sleep in?

To encourage people to stay on site, Disney open one of their parks 2 hours earlier and restrict access to a limited number of people. As a hotel guest you can feel like a VIP and enter the park while others look on envious.  Continue reading Extra Sleep or Extra Magic Hours?

Hotel Santa Fe Disneyland Resort Paris Review

The hotel Santa Fe at the Disneyland Resort Paris is one of Disney’s budget hotels, although the word budget may be misleading. Disney labels this hotel as a ‘value resort’ and when you compare the cost of this hotel with the more premium options within the Disney resort this location does offer great value. The hotel is Pixar’s Cars themed. Previous to this it was a mexican themed hotel. Continue reading Hotel Santa Fe Disneyland Resort Paris Review

Big Blunder Mountain – Interruptions for Big Thunder Mountain continue

Fans of Disneyland Parks Big Thunder Mountain ride may have hoped that after being closed for almost a year to be revamped and improved that that is exactly what would have happened. But New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day seems to have been a stumbling block.

On my first return visit since the reopening of the ride I had extremely high hopes and expectations. Always a favourite attraction for my visits I had hoped that the running issues which seemed to have plagued it just before it closed would be resolved. However after queuing on 3 occasions I only actually rode the ride once. The other two times all the guests were asked to leave the queue as they had closed the attraction. Both these times I had already queued for over 30 minutes each time. Continue reading Big Blunder Mountain – Interruptions for Big Thunder Mountain continue