There are many options for staying at Disneyland Resort Paris to suit all budgets and expectations. Booking hotel stays as a package is great as this usually includes entry tickets for the entire length of your stay to both parks.

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What are my hotel options?

There are several options for hotels. There are the Disney Resort Hotels, Disney Partner Hotels and Hotels in the Greater Paris Area. Each Disney Resort Hotel offers unique characteristics and you will be sure to find a hotel that matches your budget and needs. The Disney Hotels are the most expensive but offer the ability to walk to the parks. However, the real benefit is that these hotels ‘keep you immersed in the magic’. The Partner Hotels are close to the resort, although not Disney owned or operated these hotels offer a themed experience of varying success. Partner Hotels offer free shuttle services by bus to the parks but be warned these can get very busy at peak times. As Disneyland Resort is fairly close to Paris there are much cheaper options which are a little further away. If you’re driving to Disneyland these hotels offer a way of reducing your holiday cost.

How long should I stay?

Most travel agents recommend a 2 night/3 day package however if you want to have a more relaxing holiday we recommend extending your holiday to at least 4 nights/5 days. Disney sometimes runs a promotion where you pay for 2 nights then you get 2 nights free so this is always a package deal worth looking out for and can save you a large amount of money when booking your trip.

How do I book my holiday?

Who should you book with? You can book your Disney package direct for Disney Hotels and Partner Hotels through the Disneyland Paris Official website. The downside here is you will have to pay upfront for the entire holiday, there is no option of paying a deposit first and the balance nearer the time. If you are a Brit then head over to the Walt Disney Travel Company website which is also Disney owned – just its travel agent arm. This site allows you too book your holiday with a deposit and pay the remaining balance later. As its Disney you can be sure you get great service and advice from them too. An honourable mention should be made for Disneyland Paris Direct. We have used them many times in the past and have always been impressed by their customer service skills. If you are looking to not only book tickets and hotels but transport as well, this could be a very good option. Their prices are competitive so it would be useful even as a comparison to ensure you get the best price for your trip.

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