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Toon_Studio_logo.svgToon Studio is an attempt to link together various attractions which are based on popular Disney Animations. There is a strong Pixar presence in this area of the park which will excite fans of the franchise. This area of the park will excite guests young and old alike. It has a real mix of rides and shows, having something for everyone in the family.


The downside of this area is that is lacks character. If you visit the Disneyland Park first you will feel disappointed by the overall look of this part of the park, as it fails to live up to the heights of the main park. The rides themselves have good theming but it lacks a way of connecting everything together which detracts from the overall experience.

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Learn how to draw Mickey

Art of Disney Animation® – This is a must for anyone interested in the world of animation. However, the attraction lacks longevity as computer based animations have continually developed making many parts of this experience feel dated. It is based around the Disney film Mulan which is less familiar to younger guests who become easily distracted during the presentation.

I am Speed

Cars Quatre Roues Rallye – A fun fairground style ride with great detailing. This feels like a small part of Radiator Springs. The ride is gentle enough for all the family but has enough pace to keep older children happy. Lightning McQueen looks on from the side as you spin around in this Pixar based adventure.

Ride the Waves Dude

Crush’s Coaster® – A deceptively extreme rollercoaster, in which you not only follow a roller coaster track but your shell can rotate 360 as you move along the track. A gentle start which sweeps outside the ride building does not prepare you for the longer coaster element that finishes the ride. A unique attraction which regularly has the longest wait times for any attraction in both parks.

Toon Plaza
Toon Studio

Character Meets – There is a dedicated meeting area in this land where guests can encounter a range of disney favourites. Often characters from Toy Story and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse are available to see here. Check your programme in advance to find out who is meeting here during your next stay.

Flying Carpets

Les Tapis Volants – Flying Carpets Over Agrabah® – A variation on the Dumbo ride with 4 people in each carpet. The front passengers can control how high the carpet goes up and down. The back passengers can control the angle, tilting the carpet forward and backwards. This adds to experience for younger children. Queue times tend to be very reasonable so this is a good option for most families.

Never had a friend like me

Mickey and the Magician – The latest Disney show which has gained rave reviews. It showcases songs from some of the most popular Disney films linked together by Mickey’s dream of becoming a Magician. Showtimes vary each day so keep an eye on your programme to make sure you don’t miss this amazing show, it’s truly magical!


The Disney Animation Gallery is the only indoor shop in this area which may come as a relief to parents, in an area heavily themed towards young children. This showcases art work and is very different to the other shops in the park. It is small in size but has some very interesting pieces. Certainly worth a visit to give yourself a break from all the rides.


Dining in this area is limited to food trucks serving drinks and snacks. However, it is only a short walk to any of the restaurants if you feel like something more substantial to eat.

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