Production Courtyard


This part of the park is attempting to expose you to the world of movie magic. However, as the park has evolved the attractions are only related by geography and so do not follow a common theme. Here you will experience a terrifying elevator in one corner and Disney Junior Live in the opposite corner.


Even though the theming doesn’t link these attractions together, in their own right each attraction has merit. The upcoming investment in the Studios Park will hopefully solve the theming issues but in the meantime there is plenty of fun to be had here.



Tram Tour: Catastrophe Canyon

Studio Tram Tour®: Behind the Magic – First time visitors flock to the tram tour. Catastrophe Canyon is breathtaking, as gallons of water crash over a flaming landscape. Unfortunately, this sets expectations high and the rest of the journey is underwhelming. Simply changing the order and going round the other way would greatly improve this attraction.

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The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror™ – This is the headline attraction of the park. The theming here is so detailed, you really believe that you are entering a deserted Hotel. The ride itself is thrilling, offering views over the 2 parks beyond, hurting downwards followed by screams of everyone on the ride. The theming is almost too good as it often invokes fear which puts many off riding this attraction. If you face your fears you will love this ride.

Marvel Stunt Show Coming Soon

CinéMagique Theatre – This theatre has previously been the home of a film depicting the magic of the movies. Disney have converted this into an all purpose theatre which will be the home of a new Marvel Stunt Show. This has future proofed this attraction as it allows Disney to vary the shows it puts on in the future.

Its Mickey!

Disney Junior Live on Stage! – Based on the TV show, this is one of the few attractions aimed at children under 5 years old. Guests are invited to sit on the floor and join in with the songs / dances of Mickey and the Gang. Adults will love the cute characters whilst kids enjoy being able to take part in the fun.

Please Stitch pick me!

Stitch Live! – This is an attempt by Disney at running an interactive show. Stitch will interact with guests often trying to make the audience laugh. The results are very variable leading to mixed experiences and reviews of this attraction. Comedy is a very personal thing so this may not be everyone’s cup of tea.

Night Time Projection Shows

Production Courtyard Stage – Recently Disney has been using the backdrop of the Tower of Terror for a range of projection shows accompanied by characters on Stage. The Season of the Force runs a show dedicated to Star Wars and at Christmas Goofy takes guests on an incredible adventure. The projections are stunning, interlaced with fireworks to produce memorable shows.


There is only one main shop in this area and it is tucked away at the back of production courtyard as it acts as the exit for the Tower of Terror attraction.  It is a hidden gem with wonderful theming, so if the fear of the Terror put you off, this is the perfect place to browse and wait for the rest of your party. There are items unique to this store themed around the Hotel which makes it a really interesting place to browse.



Restaurant des Stars – Table Service (Standard Meal Plan) – This restaurant is really lacking in theming being based on an American Hollywood Diner. It is a standard Disney buffet so will cater for many tastes. However, those seeking Disney magic should look elsewhere as this feels more like a chain restaurant.

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