Place de la Remy

ratatouille-logoPlace de la Remy is a little piece of France in, well France. It’s critics will say Paris is just a train ride away but it is hard to argue with the beauty of the theming in this land. For the casual visitor this piece of French culture will delight them as it replicates a traditional courtyard.

This is the home to the best restaurant in Walt Disney Studios, one of the nicest shops and arguably the most inventive ride in all of Disneyland. Ever since this area opened it has drawn large crowds, so make time in your trip to see what all the fuss is about.


Shrink to the size of a rat

Ratatouille: The Adventure – This is an attraction so good, Walt Disney World is installing their own version in Epcot. This is a ride like no other attraction, where you shrink down to the size of a rat and try to escape the chef chasing you through the kitchen. The mixture of 3D and simulated motion make you feel like you are really there. The long queues show how popular this ride has become so FastPass is highly recommended.


Chez Marianne (Souvenirs de Paris) was a welcome addition to the park as there are not many shops available in the Studios Park. This feels like a Disney shop, with great theming and wonderful decor which is lacking in the other shops in this park. This is a place where you will be happy to browse, with a wide range of Homeware items.



Bistrot Chez Rémy – Table Service (Plus Meal Plan) – This is the stand out restaurant in the Studios Park. It is arguably the best themed restaurant in all of Disneyland with all the furniture being made out of larger than life items like plates, bottle tops, tin cans and cocktail umbrellas. Large windows overlook the end of the Remy Attraction, so expect food envy as they see you tucking into your steak.

The downside is that the menu is restrictive so best to check out the menu before entering. The positive is that the smaller menu provides higher quality food and some of the best steaks on property. You can read our full review of this restaurant here.

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