Front Lot

Front_Lot_logo.svgAs you approach Walt Disney Studios your eyes will be draw to the Water Tower which has had the Mickey Mouse treatment. This towers over Front Lot, the gateway into the Studios park. The beautiful Fantasia inspired fountain is a highlight of this courtyard while the palm trees try to give you the Hollywood feeling before you enter the park.

For many this courtyard is simply a blur as they rush past to be first in line at the main attractions. If you enter first thing in the morning, be careful if you stop to take photos as you may get swept away by the streams of people entering the park. This area is best enjoyed in the afternoon, when it has a much more relaxed feeling.


The bright lights of Hollywood

Studio One – This is not an attraction in the traditional sense as it is a walkthrough to enter the main park but it is a real highlight. This is beautifully themed with neon lights, making you feel like you are on a Hollywood Set. Those people who rushed past you in the Front Lot courtyard are often guilty of stopping to take photos in here as they are so impressed by the theming.

Quiet on the Set

Character Meets – The Front lot has become the home to 2 Character meets. This is your chance to meet Goofy in his director outfit complete with a custom designed background. The lines are often short here in the morning, as people rush past often not even noticing that Goofy is based here.

If Goofy isn’t to your liking, there is often an alternative meet available which changes seasonally. Keep an eye out on your way in as you never know who you may meet.


Front Lot is the main shopping area in the Studios Park. The shop in the Front Lot is large and sells a wide range of Disney Merchandise but has no unique theming. The shop inside Studio One is in keeping with the backstage theming and if you look up has lots to see. However, it sells the same items as the shop only a stones throw away in Front Lot. These shops are primarily aimed at guests on their way out, hoping to pick up last minute purchases.



Restaurant en Coulisse – Counter Service – This is the main restaurant in the Studios park. It is ideal for families as it serves chicken nuggets, burgers and fries. There are limited dining opportunities in this park, so prepare for long queues at lunchtime. Seating is also limited so cast members will only allow guests to sit down after they have purchased their food.

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