3270950756_1_2_97nIY9WoThe theming here is that there is no theming as you are entering the Backlot of a film set. Industrial style buildings dominate the landscape which do fit the theme but will not generate great excitement in any of the guests. This is an area earmarked for redevelopment so enjoy these attractions while they last.

On Park opening, this area must have been very exciting. However, time has not been kind and many of these attractions feel very dated. I wonder how many guests listen to Aerosmith or have seen the film Armageddon. This does dampen your spirits but as attractions they have real merits and are worth experiencing.

Map - Backlot


Armageddon – remember the movie?

Armageddon : les Effets Spéciaux – This is considered the worst attraction in either park. I feel this tag is unfair as it reflects the overly long pre-show which is very dated and at times cringe-worthy. The attraction itself involves fire, explosions and rumbling effects which are exciting and help wake up many people after the dull pre-show.

Watch out for Spidey!

Meet Spider-Man – This is a really fun meet especially for any Marvel fans. Watch Spidey swing from side to side with his web. He will also get you to pose in the classic web shooting position. Cameras at the ready to glimpse the web slinging wonder.

High Thrills are Guaranteed!

Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster starring Aerosmith – In Florida, this ride regularly boasts queue times of over 1 hour. In Paris, this boosts a steady queue time but doesn’t draw the same level of crowds. The theming here is lacking, Aerosmith have asked you to sound test their new Roller Coaster. This is a pure thrill ride perfect for teens craving more than the usual Disney ride experience.

Stunt Show Spectacular!

Moteurs… Action! Stunt Show Spectacular – Have you ever wondered how they film the epic chase scenes in Hollywood movies. This attraction lets you see behind the scenes and to witness daring stunts in front of your eyes. It suffers from gimmick spots in the show, which only work the first time you watch it and really detract if you are a repeat viewer. However, the stunts alone will tempt you into watching more than once.


Shopping in this part of the park is limited to outdoor kiosks. Even the indoor shop at Rock and Roller Coaster is primarily there for ride photos and offers very little in terms of goods for sale. If you are seeking souvenirs, best to back track up to the Front Lot.



Disney Blockbuster Café – Counter Service – This restaurant is self serve with hot foods available to pick up along the back wall which leads to much confusion as the queue circles back on itself. The main area has an Iron Man theme, which is poorly executed. However, around the corner is a beautifully themed area dedicated to Pirates of the Caribbean. Aim to get a seat in this part as it really adds to the dining experience.

Café des Cascadeurs – Counter Service – The theming here is great as it is a classic American diner. It serves burgers cooked in an open kitchen which really adds to the experience. The downside is the open hours seem to vary from day to day and given its small size, queues can be very long.


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