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A Call to Arms

As we enter an unprecedented time, in our generation, social distancing has changed the very fabric of our lives. A quick search for Disneyland Parks on Youtube reveals a generation of people who Vlog their plans, trips and even their souvenir hauls. The impact of closing Disneyland Paris and Disney Parks around the world is felt by people, far and wide.

A trip to Disneyland Paris is not just a holiday, for many it is what justifies those long sometimes unhappy hours at work. A trip to Disneyland Paris is not just a jolley, for many it is months of saving every penny, turning down luxuries in the hope of a wondrous few days. Disneyland Paris is not just a theme park, for many it is the escape they need from the mental exhaustion of daily life.  Continue reading A Call to Arms

Mickey’s Gift Signature Experiences

They say that money can’t buy you love but at Disneyland Paris you can try to buy the love of friends and family, with the new Mickey’s Gift Signature Experiences.

Since Disney has taken over full control of the Disneyland Paris, the main objective has been to make the park profitable. Years of underinvestment has meant Paris was always seen as the poor cousin of the American based parks. So much so, it started to become a family tradition to guess how many Dumbos would be broken on each visit. It was always fun hearing parents trying to explain why each Dumbo was broken, maybe they are sleeping or maybe they lost their fairy dust. Continue reading Mickey’s Gift Signature Experiences

How do you solve a problem like Discoveryland?

The problem with the future is that no one knows what is going to happen. When Walt Disney was dreaming up Tomorrowland he was living in an era where the genre of science fiction was capturing the imagination of the public. However, the problem with this land is that it can become quickly outdated, that being a criticism often thrown at the American parks.

When designing Disneyland Paris, imagineers believed they solved this problem by creating a land based on the Jules Verne vision of the future, which they called Discoveryland. This would make the land timeless, as it would capture the essence of Tomorrowland but has a design that will last the test of time. However, as we draw closer to the 30th Anniversary of the park, has Discoveryland lost its way?

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Silver Spur Steakhouse – Review

Disney is famous for its free Dining offers and this offer was one of the main reasons we decided to stay on site during our most recent visit. This would allow us to sample a few different restaurants on this trip compared to our usual go-to places to eat within the park (a step up from Earl of Sandwich!). High on our list of places to try was the Silver Spur Steakhouse in Frontierland, in the Disneyland Park. This location is a Plus Meal Plan restaurant, which means if you have a plus plan you can dine here for free. You can dine here on the basic meal plan but you would need to pay the uplift charge. Continue reading Silver Spur Steakhouse – Review

Imagineering a Disneyland Park Expansion


With the Walt Disney Company taking full control of Disneyland Paris it has allowed us all to dream about what could happen to our beloved park. Disney are not afraid to spend money to improve the experience for their guests. They have succeeded in turning a park which had been critised by fans, Disney’s California Adventure Park, into a park now celebrated by many. In particular, many people see the Cars Land in DCA as the best and most immersive land Disney has ever created.

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