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Café des Cascadeurs – Our View

This American Diner really highlights the strengths and weaknesses of the Studio park. The theming here is great as a classic American diner and stepping inside makes you feel like you have walked back in time. However, its surroundings are not themed, as the building is placed out of the way in the Backlot. The same could be said of many of the attractions in this park, wonderfully themed rides in themselves but no real theming outside to link everything together. Continue reading Café des Cascadeurs – Our View

Imagineering a Disneyland Park Expansion


With the Walt Disney Company taking full control of Disneyland Paris it has allowed us all to dream about what could happen to our beloved park. Disney are not afraid to spend money to improve the experience for their guests. They have succeeded in turning a park which had been critised by fans, Disney’s California Adventure Park, into a park now celebrated by many. In particular, many people see the Cars Land in DCA as the best and most immersive land Disney has ever created.

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How to avoid queues at Disneyland Paris

For many people, the idea of long queues and high ticket prices are enough to stop them from experiencing the magic of Disneyland Paris. So it made me wonder, is it possible to spend a day at the parks avoiding long queues.

To do this I have set myself some ground rules

  • I will aim to spend my day at Disneyland Park
  • Consider the whole day, including getting into the parks and leaving at the end of the day
  • Shops and restaurants are included not just attractions as you need to queue to pay
  • Even toilet breaks need to be considered (this can be the most frustrating queue of the day for many!)
  • Assume it is a typical park day, it would be easy to tell people to visit off season but this simply isn’t an option for many families
  • Finally, waiting anymore than 10 minutes would be considered a queue

Will this be possible, I am excited to use this blog to explore this theory

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Pimp my Ride Series: 1. Crush’s Coaster

As part of Project Sparkle Disney has been working through its major attractions and updating them with modern technology and extra magic touches. This new Blog series will look at rides that could have been next in line and examines what Disney could do to make them sparkle. First for the Pimp my Ride treatment is Crush’s Coaster.

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