Silver Spur Steakhouse – Review

Disney is famous for its free Dining offers and this offer was one of the main reasons we decided to stay on site during our most recent visit. This would allow us to sample a few different restaurants on this trip compared to our usual go-to places to eat within the park (a step up from Earl of Sandwich!). High on our list of places to try was the Silver Spur Steakhouse in Frontierland, in the Disneyland Park. This location is a Plus Meal Plan restaurant, which means if you have a plus plan you can dine here for free. You can dine here on the basic meal plan but you would need to pay the uplift charge.

The restaurant is themed as an old-style Wild West restaurant, in keeping with its location within Frontierland. The restaurant consists of one large room with raised seating to either side and an open show kitchen to entertain the guests. The restaurant utilises dark wood features to set the atmosphere and impressive lighting to make the restaurant look a step above your usual high street chain restaurant. The cowskin-backed chairs are just one of the little details that Disney does best (even if feeling a furry back to your chair is a little disconcerting to some).

We arrived for our booking at the same time as several other families. We found some space to stand in a holding area at the front door full with hungry expectant diners, eagerly waiting sit down. There was a small amount of panic everytime a name was called as people jostled to see if it was their turn for a table. Eventually after about a 10 minute wait and once most of the families that arrived prior to us were seated we were called forward for our table.

We sat right in the middle of the restaurant and proceeded to browse the giant menus that we were given. The Plus menu consists of a choice of 3 starters, 3 mains and 3 desserts. Due to personal taste, I avoid the salads and chose the seasonal soup. The soup came with a surprise, no one at our table expected it to arrive with a mound of whipped squirty cream on the top and a few nuts.  I felt the soup resembled more of a dessert than a starter. I took the plunge and stirred the cold refrigerated cream in, which resulted in the dish looking as I had expected it to come: just as recognisable soup.

Soup with canned squirty cream?
Soup as it should be

For the main course I chose the Angus beef flank steak with steakhouse chips and seasonal vegetables (you can change your sides here so if you do not like corn on the cob you can ask to change it). The other choices were a salmon crumble or a vegetarian burger. I was surprised that for a steak house they only allowed you to have the steak, rare, medium or well. When someone in our party asked for medium-well they were abruptly told they can have it medium or well but no inbetween (I wondered what Gordon Ramsay would say to that). The main was lovely. The steak was tasty and the steak cut chips were a really good accompaniment. I thought the seasonal vegetables were a little aldente for my liking and the peppercorn sauce was little thin (more like a runny gravy than a sauce), but the taste overall was excellent.

Dessert course consisted of a choice between The Big Thunder Cake (Oreo cake with caramel and custard), Vanilla-flavoured sundae (with a choice of brownie, red-berry or seasonal fruit topping) or a Fruit salad with almond pesto. On the table we chose the big Thunder Cake and the Sundae with Brownie. Both the desserts were absolutely lovely. Fans of Oreo cookies will love the cake and anyone who loves ice cream can not go wrong with this sundae.

The only real criticism with this location for me was the service. It took nearly 50 minutes from being seated to receiving our starters, although the remaining two course followed at adequate pace. Not only did we need to ask for butter for the complimentary bread, we also had to ask for spoons with which to eat the soup, both of which should have been provided without the need to ask. The waiter that served us was rarely visible and seemed to have a can’t-be-bothered attitude which really let this place down. Disney sets really high standards and it always comes as a disappointment when the service doesn’t match the quality of the food. Compared to the excellent and friendly service we had received at Bistro Chez Remy the night prior this location left me with the feeling that I wouldn’t necessarily be returning to it. Losing nearly an hour of a Theme Park day  waiting for a starter is too high a price to pay for most guests, so it may be awhile before my next visit.


Food 4/5

Service 2/5

Overall 3/5

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