Café des Cascadeurs – Our View

This American Diner really highlights the strengths and weaknesses of the Studio park. The theming here is great as a classic American diner and stepping inside makes you feel like you have walked back in time. However, its surroundings are not themed, as the building is placed out of the way in the Backlot. The same could be said of many of the attractions in this park, wonderfully themed rides in themselves but no real theming outside to link everything together.
It stands in the shadow of the Tower of Terror, which makes this place feel lost in the park. I feel this is why most guests do not even realise that this is an actual restaurant. I could forgive many people for thinking it is simply a prop and an attempt by Disney to theme the Backlot. Many find it by sheer chance as it is a challenge to seek this place out.


Those that are successful in locating the place will be treated to burgers cooked in an open kitchen. Watching the chefs cook on the grill is a big part of the experience here and I would highly recommend getting a seat along the main counter. This puts you in the heart of the action. Families will enjoy a booth with table service from the wonderful Cast Members that work here.

The menu here is limited to a choice of burgers, fries and salad. Given the size of the place, it would be unreasonable to ask for a huge menu but fans of Americana may be disappointed that Hog Dogs are not available here. With Encoulisse also serving burgers, I think not having Hot Dogs here is a missed opportunity.

This is no Walts but I have always enjoyed eating here. I feel the food is a step up from the usual counter service offerings at a price which is not too expensive compared to usual Disney table service restaurants. Being cooked fresh to order makes a real difference in the quality of the food and if you love your burgers this place should be on your must do list.

The real downside is that opening hours seem to vary from day to day. Although hours are posted on the Disneyland Paris App I have found myself walking past at times when it should be open and found that it was closed. This means I have only eaten here a few times.  Spotting it open seems more down to luck than anything else.


Its small size is a big part of the charm of this place but it is also a real weakness as queues can be very long. There is no shelter to wait, so on those cold winter days or hot sunny days (occassionally DLP gets these!) it can be a challenge to wait here.

Given its location, it would be hard for Disney to expand the size of this restaurant so I think the only way to improve the queuing situation would be to offer a takeaway service. Mobile Ordering could be a good option here with a dedicated entrance or hatch set aside for guests that order online.

Theming fits an American Diner

A more radical change would be for Disney to retheme Restaurant des Stars using the same theming as in Café des Cascadeurs. This would mean turning it into an American Diner with the open cooking area at the top of the restaurant.

Convert this space into an open kitchen

This would fit perfectly into a new Marvel land as it could be themed to Captain America. I could imagine newspaper cuttings framed on the walls telling stories about Captain America, the Winter Soldier and the fight against Hydra. An update would breathe new life to Restaurant des Stars and allow a bigger menu to be offered. Burgers, French Toast, Mac and Cheese would be a hit with many families. Café des Cascadeurs could then become a Hot Dog specialist, the Casey’s of the Studios Park.

It is exciting to see what happens to Café des Cascadeurs with all the changes due to happen with the studios park expansion but if I am being honest I am nervous that this place will be lost as part of the new Marvel overlay. As this is hidden behind Tower of Terror we cannot see on the plans for the Studios Expansion if this place has made the cut. When Thanos clicks his fingers, will this place simply disappear into thin air? Let’s hope not!

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