Introduction to Frontierland

Related imageWelcome to the Wild Wild West! Walking into Frontierland is like travelling back in time to the ear of America’s Gold Rush. As you walk through Fort Comstock you are greeted by Big Thunder Mountain surrounded by the Rivers of the Far West, arguably the best view in Disneyland Paris.


If you are not swept away by the detailed theming your attention will be grabbed by the screams coming from the Big Thunder Mountain. Frontierland is the home of cowboys, pioneers, salons, riverboats and you are the newest resident. Unlike other lands, each attraction here reveals clues about the history of the town in a way that only Disney can do. So grab your cowboy hat, saddle up and get ready to explore Frontierland!

Frontierland Map.PNG


Big Thunder Mountain

Big Thunder Mountain – Many people believe this is the best ride in Disneyland Paris. This is a family coaster with dips, turns, underwater tunnels and great views of the park.  The final 30 seconds of this ride are exhilarating and will tempt you into braving the long queues to do it again and again.  Given its popularity this is best done first thing or late at night. Fastpass is highly recommended!

The House on the Hill

Phantom Manor – Beautiful theming draws you into a world which a few may find scary but many find humorous and fun. This is the classic ghost train reimagined into a ride full of curiosities. The stunning ballroom scene with spooky spectacles is the highlight of this ride. And watch out for any hitchhiking ghosts before you leave the ride!


Rivers of the Far West

Thunder Mesa Riverboat Landing – This is the perfect place to relax and take in the wonderful views of this land. The river boat itself is wonderfully themed and you could spend the journey exploring all of its detailing. However, I recommend making it to the top floor, camera ready, for a tour around the Rivers of the West.


Rootin’ Tootin’ Shootin’

Rustler Roundup Shootin’ Gallery – Although charges do apply this doesn’t seem to put off a queue of people trying to bring out their inner cowboy or cowgirl via the Shooting Gallery.  A step up from your usual Fairground shooting attraction.


Fort ent
Yes this really is an attraction!

Legends of the Wild West – 
A Walk Through attraction detailing the history from the time period. Most people do not realise this is an attraction as they rush through the fort to join the queue for Big Thunder Mountain. Your reward for stopping is a wonderful view from the top of the Fort.

The perfect escape for all parents!


Pocahontas Indian Village – It is always important to factor in some down time in any Disney trip. This park is hidden at the top of the land but for parents this is well worth a visit to use up some of the boundless energy children seem to get when they come to Disneyland.  Grab a fastpass at Big Thunder and rest up here until your time slot.

Jack S.jpg
Rare Character meet with Jack

Meet and Greets – There are 2 main meet and greets in this area. All year round Woody and Friends meet near the Cowboy Cookout. During Halloween and Christmas, Jack Skellington draws a crowd. Chip and Dale can also be spotted here at times, posing for photos with Thunder Mountain in the background.

All Aboard… Next Stop Fantasyland

Frontierland Railway Station – 
The railway runs around the whole park. In Disney literature, this is often made out to be a quick way to travel around the park. However, its remote location in the land and the long queues mean this is really an attraction rather than a transport system.  The train can only load people when passengers decide to get off at this stop. Best done early in the morning.

A theatre hidden in the forest

The Chaparral Theatre – This has been the home to several shows including the Forest of Enchantment and Frozen Sing-A-Long in recent times. No one does a show like Disney and every production always seems to deliver. Look out for show times on the programmes available on your way into the park.



There are not many opportunities to shop in this land (which may come as a relief following Main Street). There is one main shop called the Thunder Mesa Mercantile Building. This store feels like a set of smaller stores all linked together which gives a homely feel to your shopping experience. The first room starts with the classic plushes, to clothing and then finishes with food and homewares. TOP TIP: You can even grab a coffee here with queues a lot shorter than the usual food outlets.

The land is also the home of the Pueblo Trading Post which is a Disney Pin Trading store. Unfortunately this is rarely open so I would suggest Main Street as the best location for Pin Collectors.



Cowboy Cookout Barbecue – Counter Service – Once a hidden gem this is now a popular option with many guests. Live music and open fires have enticed customers alongside crowd pleasing food including Barbecue Chicken.

Fuente del Oro Restaurante – Counter Service – Mexican restaurant serving Fajitas and ‘Loaded Fries’. It has recently benefited from a makeover using theming from the Pixar film ‘Coco’. Limited indoor seating is a downside in the winter months.

The Lucky Nugget Saloon – Counter Service – This restaurant is a real surprise. It would be easy to miss as it is near the entrance to the land. However, guests who dine here are treated to an authentic Gold Rush themed saloon. At busy times your meal comes with live entertainment comprising of singing, dancing and a Toy Story inspired puppet show!

Silver Spur Steakhouse – Table Service (Plus Dining Plan) – A restaurant that fits perfectly into the theming for the land. Nothing says the Wild West like a steak perfectly cooked just how you like it. The open kitchen makes this into a unique dining experience.

Outdoor Stands – Counter Service – Outdoor Kiosks serve a range of foods including Popcorn and Crepes. A range of soft drinks are also available.


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