Introduction to Fantasyland

Fantasyland_Logo.pngWelcome to the land that truly defines Disneyland, where dreams become reality. Welcome to Fantasyland.

As you walk through the Castle, the land unfolds before your disbelieving eyes. Flying elephants, a giant beanstalk, tea cups spinning, it truly is the land where dreams come true.


When people think of Disneyland, they think of Fantasyland. This land is full of iconic rides that amaze adults and kids alike. Many people believe that this land is the best in any Disney Park and when you experience it in person it is hard to disagree. Prepare to become a kid again and let your imagination run wild in this giant playground.


Round and Round we go…

Le Carrousel de Lancelot – Every good fairground has a carousel but not every carousel boosts this level of detail. Beautifully made horses glide up and down, with Disney classics playing cheerfully in the background. The design is simply stunning making this a delight to ride over and over again.

Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs

Blanche-Neige et les Sept Nains – This is a dark ride following the story of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Those who love the film will enjoy this journey through each of the iconic scenes from this Disney classic. However, not many will feel the ride justifies the long wait times this attraction regularly generates.


Les Voyages de Pinocchio – This ride is very similar to the Snow White ride. Guests are guided through the story of Pinocchio via a dark ride. Young children enjoy this ride so it is usual to see long wait times. Adults may find it hard to justify the wait times for this attraction given its very gentle nature.


When I see an elephant fly

Dumbo the Flying Elephant – This is based on a classic fairground spinning ride but given one unique twist. You have a lever that allows you to move your Dumbo up and down. Being able to control your height gives children the sensation of flying, making this a truly memorable experience. Adults will enjoy the views from the top making this a ride enjoyed by all of the family.

You can fly, You can fly !!!

Peter Pan’s Flight – This is a dark ride with a twist, instead of a ride car, this time you really can fly. You board your very own pirate ship and glide through each scene. The highlight of this attraction is flying over London at night. Look out for the cars moving along the streets, the level of detail that Disney is famous for. Queue times are always long for this popular ride, so aim to do this early in the day.

Simply A-mazing

Alice’s Curious Labyrinth – Welcome to wonderland. You become Alice, lost in this garden maze. As you move between each section of the maze you will encounter different characters from the film. Watch out for the Queen of Hearts as she will pop up out of nowhere to keep an eye on you. Your reward is the view from the top of the Tower hidden at the centre of this maze.

Spin or don’t spin ?

Mad Hatter’s Tea Cups – This is the ride that inspired similar rides in fairgrounds across the country. The setting is colourful and in keeping with the theme of the land. Stepping into your giant Tea Cup you will notice a silver wheel in the centre. This allows you to spin your Tea Cup making the experience as exciting as you wish it to be. Adults will sit and enjoy the ride while their children will man the wheel, to spin their cup faster and faster. Spin or no spin, you decide?

It’s a small world after all….

It’s a Small World – For many this is one of the highlights of Fantasyland. A boat ride through different lands, showcasing cultures from across the world. Cute dolls sing along to the iconic song. However, this attraction is like Marmite, you either love it or you hate it. The cuteness and joyfulness of the song is just too much for some adults to take. You have been warned!

Storybook Boat Ride

Le Pays de Contes de Fées – A pleasant boat ride which passes by scenes from classic Disney films. This is a gentle ride suitable for young children. However, the pace is so gentle, some adults might find this attraction a tad dull.


Casey Jr coming down the track

Casey Jr. – Le Petit Train du Cirque –
It is hard not to fall in love with this little train. Casey Jr has been lovingly recreated in real life with amazing detail. This is a rollercoaster aimed at young children with an easy pace. Slow enough to reassure young children but fast enough to keep adults interested. The on board music really adds to this attraction.

Backstage with Mickey

Meet Mickey Mouse – How can you visit Disneyland and not meet the main mouse himself? You are invited to enter Micky’s theatre and come backstage to meet him before his big show. Cartoons are played in the waiting area which helps to make the long wait times pass-by more quickly. After your meet you will have a picture that will be a great souvenir of your trip (for a small fee).

Princess Pavilion

Princess Pavilion – Meeting a Princess is a very different experience to the usual Disney characters. They can all talk and will happily ask you about your  day so far. Finally you can find out if Belle liked the grey stuff and if Arial thinks it is better under the sea. This unique experience comes with very long wait times but it can end up in a truly magical experience for your family.

Fantasyland Station

Disneyland Paris Railroad – The station is in a curious position hidden behind the Meet Mickey attraction. This attraction has been added in after the opening of the park and was positioned curiously in front of the station which used to be visible from all over Fantasyland. However, being hidden hasn’t stopped this being a popular attraction and queues can typically be over an hour long.



The main shopping area is located just beside the castle. The shops here are wonderfully themed and are worth a visit just to enjoy the ambiance. La Chaumière des Sept Nains is a delightful shop selling plush toys and a range of items required by any budding Prince or Princess. Outside of the shop, there is a wide range of princess dresses ready to tempt every passing child. It is hard to miss the iconic yellow dress of Belle or the sweeping icy Blue Elsa dress. Judging by the number of children wearing these dresses the temptation is too hard for many people to resist.

On the other side, a shop enjoyed by children and Adults alike, is the sweet shop called La Confiserie des Trois Fées. A shop themed around The Fairy Godmothers selling all things sweet. This is a good place to pick up a coffee with shorter lines than most outside catering venues. Micky’s chocolate shortbread rounds are perfect to accompany that morning coffee and come highly recommended!



Auberge de Cendrillon – Table Service (Premium Meal Plan) – Cinderella and her Princess friends welcome you to dinner in this unique dining experience. This is an expensive option but it does allow you to sit and enjoy a meal while the Princesses come to you rather than waiting in line at the Pavilion. The food served is fine French cuisine and reviews are glowing. If you can afford it, it would be worth a visit.

Au Chalet de la Marionnette  Counter Service – A wonderfully themed restaurant with plenty of seating. It serves crowd pleasers including chicken, burgers and sausages. Around lunchtime this can become very busy, around 11am and 3pm are the best times to visit. It currently is following the trend of serving food with a curried style tomato sauce. This catches a few people off guard so ensure you ask for sauce or no sauce depending on your personal taste.

Pizzeria Bella Notte – Counter Service – A small, yet highly detailed, counter service restaurant. Often overflowing with people it serves Disney style Pizza. This pizza often splits opinion, some people love it and others can’t believe people eat it. You will no doubt order this just to see what all the fuss is about.

Toad Hall Restaurant – Counter Service – This is a curious restaurant based on the Wind in the Willows story books. It has limited seating which can be disappointing after a long wait for food. This serves what the French believe is British style food. A true Brit may enjoy the fish and chips served here but they will all be thinking their local take away can do much better.

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