Introduction to Adventureland

LogoNo land truly makes you feel like a kid again like Adventureland does! And if you are a kid this land will excite and delight you. This land is not centred around attractions but focuses on exploration. Most of your time in this land will be spent asking ‘How did they get up there when I am all the way down here?’



In this land you become a Pirate, an Explorer or even the next Indiana Jones! Explore Pirate ships, rope bridges, underground caves and if you are feeling brave you can enter Davy Jones Locker.  Once you have done all that, there are several Headline attractions to discover including the iconic Pirates of the Caribbean boat ride.




Rope Bridge in Adventureland

Adventure Isle – Many people would not consider this attraction as it doesn’t have the regular queuing lines to enter the Isle. Instead, visitors are encouraged to explore the caves, bridges and pathways that the Isle has to offer. A good place to head when the park is very busy and the caves are cool on a hot summer’s day.

Indiana Jones Rollercoaster

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom – A rollercoaster that immerses you in the world of Indiana Jones. The attention to detail is admirable, the queue is full of references to the popular film franchise. The ride itself is not for the tame and features a full loop at high speed. The flaming torches are best seen at night and adds to the spectacular temple that the roller coaster twists in and out of.

Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse

La Cabane des Robinson – Steps lead you up through a real life tree house based on the film the Swiss Family Robinson. There are many fun details to be seen on your journey up but I think the view from the top is the real highlight of this attraction. It rarely has a queue so it is a good place to go when the park is crowded but beware as there are many many steps.

Meet and Greet locations

Character Meets – There are various places to meet Characters in this land. As you enter to your left is a character spot themed to Aladdin. To the left, there is a spot often frequented by characters from the Jungle Book. Up towards Skull Rook is another meeting point themed to Peter Pan. Captain Hook, Wendy and Pan himself can often be spotted hanging out here.


Aladdin Walkthrough

Le Passage Enchante d’Aladdin – A walkthrough attraction which shows the journey of Aladdin through very detailed models. Although the models are beautiful is it unlikely that you will make a repeat visit as it lacks a touch of real Disney magic.



Pirate Galleon

Pirate Galleon – It is hard to walk through this land without being amazed by the life size Pirate Galleon. It is possible to walk the plank and get onboard but there is little to see on the ship itself. This is best viewed from afar and it is the perfect background to any selfie.


Pirate Beach Playground

Pirate Beach – Hidden beside the Pirate ship, this playground can be a welcome retreat for parents needing to expend some of their children’s boundless energy.  Making time to relax is important for the adults on the trip so this can be nice spot to rest up while the kids have fun.


Yo-Ho Yo-Ho a Pirate’s life for me!

Pirates of the Caribbean – This is truly the headline attraction of this land. The ride has continually been improved since its opening and currently features the most impressive animatronics in the park. The three drops add enough thrill to excite and the engaging scenes are enjoyed by all. Lines are long during the day, so I would recommend visiting late in the evening. On a cold day this ride is great to queue for as much of the lines are indoors where it is heated.


There are a wide range of shopping opportunities in this land. The Arabian landscape at the entrance to Adventureland is the perfect setting for market stalls selling an array of goods. La Girafe Curieuse is a wonderful little shop complete an with animatronic giraffe. If you want to become the next Indiana Jones, shops around the roller coaster sell the iconic hat and a range of unique souvenirs. Finally, for the Pirate lover Le Coffre du Capitaine offers everything a budding Pirate needs so be sure to pick up an eyepatch and a sword!


Captain Jack’s – Restaurant des Pirates – Table Service (Plus Meal Plan) – This unique restaurant is based inside the Pirates of the Caribbean boat ride. As you tuck into your dinner, you may hear people from the boats calling out for you to throw them a bread roll. The menu has a Caribbean fish theme which may not suit all tastes, so do check out the menu in advance.

Colonel Hathi’s Pizza Outpost – Counter Service – The theming here makes you feel like nature is slowing taking over this restaurant, check-out the tree growing in the centre of the restaurant. Given its position, it is often less busy than other places so it can be a good alternative when the park is busy. Food here is typically pizza and pasta.

Restaurant Agrabah Café – Buffet (Standard Meal Plan) – The theming in this restaurant makes you feel like you have left France and are really in Agrabah. There are several different rooms in which you can dine, each with a different theme. I would suggest having a wander around after you tuck into the all-you-care-to-eat buffet.

Restaurant Hakuna Matata – Counter Service – Another wonderfully themed eatery based on the film ‘The Lion King’. The food offering here is varied and has african spicing, making it very different from the typical theme park food. Most people are nervous to try the food but fans of the place rave about their meals. If you are feeling adventurous give this place a try.


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