New Years Eve Disneyland Paris

New Years Eve 2017-2018 Review

With the Christmas festivities over at home it was looking like it was going to be a dull new years eve, that is until my partner gave me tickets to the first Disneyland Paris Ticketed New Years Eve Party……

Visitors to this blog will notice that I was present for New Years Eve last year and I wrote what my impressions of the celebrations were. To quickly recap the evening was frozen….. like really really frozen. I had never seen the Disneyland Park look so magical as it was all covered in snow and ice that new years eve. It was a shame that when the clock struck midnight I was disappointed to have to stand and watch the same show that had been on every evening during the holiday season. I felt the lack of any new years fireworks spoilt the evening. Fast forward to this year and the exciting news from Disneyland Paris is that the new years eve celebrations will be a ticketed party event with extra special features.

Queuing at Disneyland Paris
Queuing at Disneyland Paris for entry to the ticket only New Years Eve Party

First things first… How much would a ticket cost? Given the fluctuations in exchange rates the ticket cost around the £40 mark per person. The ticket allowed you entry to the main park after 5pm where you were issued with a wristband.

The party itself started at 8pm and after this time the normal day guests were asked to leave. I wasn’t a little dubious as too how they would get the people who had not paid for the party to leave the park. I should not have been concerned. At various points around the park, and at the entrance to rides, guests had wristbands checked and those without the lucky yellow band were directed to the exit. The wristband itself was a nice idea as it makes you feel privileged and special and also makes a great keepsake for the evening.

Wristband Disneyland Paris
Disneyland Paris New Years Eve wristband

So what was the extra charge for? A series of one night only events. There was a disco dance party led by DJ Goofy over in Discoveryland. The location was down the side of Space Mountain between the Hyperion Cafe and Star Tours. The flashing lights and loud music drew many over here for a cheeky Disneyland dance.

The main event of the night was a super long parade. This Mega Parade included floats both new and old and had some rarely seen characters. The parade itself was over one hour in length. At one point the parade stalled as one float broke down and eventually had to be towed along. The true spirit of the Disneyland Paris cast members shone through here and the dancing never stopped the whole time, where they get that energy from is something that escapes me! Included were all the new floats from the latest parade as well as floats from parades gone by. Stars and Cars also made a comeback as well as the Celebration Train. Some of the floats are usually only seen in daylight so looked different in the dark. Other floats that are purposefully lit for the dark also made a return and these still looked amazing.

At Midnight the countdown led to the largest fireworks display the park had ever produced. Disneyland Paris had to get special permits for mobile firework launchpads to be used to enable all the fireworks to be fired. The display was literally fantastic. I had never seen so many fireworks and explosions in such a location before. It was something well worth the ticket price alone and was a fitting end to a truly fantastic night.

Fireworks at Disneyland Paris
Fireworks at Disneyland Paris on New Years Eve

Would I recommend a ticketed event like this one to you? Without a doubt it is the way forward for special occasions.

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