Bistro Chez Remy Review

IMG_0481DLP Genie Rating: 4/5

Anyone who has been a long standing visitor to Disneyland Paris Resort understands how amazing theming is around the Disneyland Park. From Main street USA to the pirate themed Adventureland the Disneyland Park is immersive and quite frankly….amazing. The Walt Disney Studios park on the other hand was a little plain and well….boring in comparison. This started to change with the construction of The Twilight Tower of Terror, the Toy Story themed zone and ultimately the newest addition…Place de la Remy. This newest part of the park is undoubtably one of the nicest and best themed parts of the park. It only contains one ride, one shop and one restaurant; Bistro Chez Remy

The Bistro is immaculately themed. The premise is that when you enter you shrink down to the size of a rat and are whisked into Remy’s restaurant where good food awaits you.

The theming is spectacular from the over-sized Christmas fairy lights hanging above your head to the tables fashioned from sardine tin lids and chairs made from bent wire and old glass bottle tops. The theming does make you feel like you’re there in Remy’s world.

The menu is a little restrictive, which is why this review is only a four rating and not a five. There are two set menus available, both more expensive than you would pay in other parts of the park. You can’t order a la carte so you have to order from each course. I ordered the salad and this for me was the low point of the meal. The salad tasted very bitter and was just not to my liking, it is worth pointing out that other guests seemed happy with theres. However I came for the steak and the steak is what was amazing at this restaurant.

I personally like my steak well done, many restaurants interpret this as overcooked, but at Bistro Chez Remy they understood that well cooked steak should still melt in the mouth. It was refreshing to visit a place in France that cooked the steak exactly as I wanted it. This is even more impressive when you understand that I have visited more than once and never been disappointed.

As an annual pass holder I not only received my discount on the food but I also received a complimentary non alcoholic cocktail which was the best drink I have ever tasted in Disneyland Paris.

I have visited Bistro Chez Remy, located in the Ratatouille area of the Walt Disney Studios park in Paris, on three different occasions. Each occasion was a wonderful experience and a very satisfying meal. The staff have always been brilliant in here and the ambiance perfect. You will not be disappointed if you visit Bistro Chez Remy!


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