The tale of two burgers….

This is the story of two burgers from two different Disneyland Paris restaurants. The food and service of these two establishments were in stark contrast too each other which leaves you wondering how can Disneyland get it so right in one place and so wrong in another?

The Bad: Cafe HyperioDLP Genie Rating: 0/5

Out of all the restaurants I have had the pleasure of dining in at Disneyland Paris the Cafe Hyperion is by far the worst for food quality and service. As someone who has been visiting Disneyland Paris since the 10th anniversary I have often frequented this establishment. During my early visits this restaurant was always a place I would head too for food or even just a hot drink in the colder months.

It was and still is an amazingly large venue. There are numerous till points and hundreds of seats and tables. Cartoons are showed on the large screens hanging from the ceilings, something to keep the kids amused. This restaurant does get incredibly busy and here lies the problem. There may be several till points but throughput is boringly slow. You may think there are only a few people in front of you but this still seems to take 30 minutes or more most of the time. Each till has a queue either side and each cashier serves both queues. Even worse is that after you’ve parted with your hard earned money your queue then simply moves forward where you wait for your food in line for a further 10 – 20 minutes.

If all of the waiting for your food hasn’t totally destroyed your day the search for a table may do. If you’re unlucky enough to visit on a busy evening then by the time you have found a table your food will most likely be cold. This was my last experience; I waited for nearly an hour and by the time I found a table the burger and fries I had ordered was cold. I returned the food to the till and they did replace it, however the replacement was not much warmer. The attitude of the server also made me feel a little bit like I was an inconvenience, not the valued customer I should have been. The menu has changed over the years and the latest recreation is not worth the time or money required to eat here. Anyone who has been and ordered the Yoda cupcake will understand…. you only have too look at the faces of those who tate it too know its should be avoided at all costs!

The Good: The Lucky Nugget

DLP Genie Rating: 5/5

I had often walked past this restaurant or looked at the menu and thought it was too expensive for a burger, especially when there are other restaurants selling burgers for less. It was by chance that I decided to give this one a try one day and boy am I glad I did.

The inside of this restaurant is so beautifully themed as an American Western saloon. There is a stage as the centre point with many seats around the edge ‘bar style’ allowing you to easily view the entertainment (should it be on).

You order at the till by the door and they show you too a table so no carrying food around endlessly looking for a seat here. Your drinks and food are brought to you and so this quick service restaurant gives you a far superior experience. The burger itself was by far the best tasting burger I have ever had the pleasure of consuming in the Disneyland Park.

The Lucky Nugget has re-affirmed in my mind that fast food can be done well at Disneyland… You just have to know where to look for it.

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