New Year Celebrations 2017 – Disneyland Park Paris

It was a cold frosty winter wonderland this New Year’s Eve at Disneyland Paris. In all the years I have travelled to the parks I have never seen layer upon layer of frost building up on trees, plants and features as I witnessed this holiday season.


The Disneyland park was open until 1am. Allowing you enough time to see in the new year and hit some rides or shopping before the park closed.

The weather was extremely cold with a slight fog layer. It was that cold that water had begun to freeze at the Skull Rock waterfalls in Adventureland resulting in some scary looking icicals forming. These did present a fantastic photo opportunity though and certainly amazed myself and other guests.

The temperature was -3 degrees Celsius so thermals were a necessity and even with these the standing around for the midnight gong was still an arduous task, resulting in numb toes and aching legs. However the frost made everything look so magical and Christmassy that a little frostbite can be overlooked.

The cast members at the park did a fantastic job of keeping most things open and going through difficult weather conditions and this is testament to their hard work and commitment.

At Midnight there was a 10 second countdown to the new year then Disney Dreams of Christmas started. This projection onto the castle show with associated fireworks was as become expected from Disney, simply brilliant. However as this show was the exact same show that had been played every night throughout the holiday season at Disneyland it felt like a missed opportunity. Hearing the fireworks from the studios park and the Disney village displays made me feel I had made the wrong choice by choosing to stay in the main park.

If you are visiting for a few days over the new year then watch the projection show before New Year’s Eve and catch the more spectacular fireworks at one of the other venues for a different and more traditional New Years celebration.

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