Top 5 Hidden Gems – Disneyland Park

When you walk into Disneyland Park, you enter an immersive world that captures your imagination. All theme parks have main attractions to delight their guests but few offer the same attention to detail as Disney. Today we will look at the Top 5 hidden gems at Disneyland Park Paris.

Number 5 – The Sword in the StoneSword in stone.jpg
Located just behind Sleeping Beauty’s Castle at the centre of the park in Fantasyland. Just walk down mainstreet USA and straight through the castle and you cant miss it. This represents a great photo opportunity, for kids and adults alike. You will see many people trying to pry the sword from the stone, but alass no one has yet managed to do it! Worth taking a look at during special times of the year. During Halloween this was covered over when Maleficent ‘took over the castle’ and looked amazing at night covered in thorns that lit up.IMG_0201.JPG


Number 4 – The Suspension Bridge
This can be a little tricky to find the entrance to. It took me several attempts. Located in Adventureland, near to skull rock, this attraction is often quieter than most, giving you some well needed rest-bite from the crowds. Not for those afraid of heights or moving uneven surfaces. Some people like to jump along it to make it shake so if you are faint hearted its best to walk across when no one else is using it.

Number 3 – The Christmas ShopChristmas_Shop.jpg
No-one quite does Christmas as Disney does! If you have ever visited

Disneyland Paris at Christmas (late November to Early January) then you know how amazing the Christmas decorations and lights are. Christmas at Disney is the personification of magical.

However there is a place in the park where it is Christmas every day. The Christmas Shop, located inside Sleeping Beauties Castle, offers a great selection of Christmas merchandise all year round, which means even if you visit in the height of summer you can take home that festive bauble ready for when you decorate your own Christmas tree. Christmas is often magical to children so what better way to excite them than a visit to the Disney Christmas Shop.

Disneyland_paris_skull_rock.jpgNumber 2 – Skull Rock
Another great photo opportunity abounds at Skull Rock located in Adventureland. Right next to Captain Hook’s ship. You can explore inside the rock, even peering through the eyes from the inside. On a hot day the shade of this attraction helps keep you cooler. Within the vacinity of the Skull Rock is the entrance to the caves. These caves offer a maze like structure for you to explore.


Number 1 – The Dragondlp-dragon.jpg
This hidden gem truly delights which is why it is our number 1 hidden gem in Disneyland Paris Park. The dragon is located in a cave beneath the castle in the centre of the park. Its dark and very atmospheric in there, which can scare young children. The best part of this attraction is the way the dragon moves when his sleep his disturbed. Seeing a giant dragon head raise up and move towards you while smoke comes out of his nostrils is truly brilliant.

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